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“Surviving Savannah” by Patti Callahan is turning out to be an intriguing book, filled with mystery and history that keeps me glued to the pages! The story dives into the legendary ship, the Pulaski, known as the “Titanic of the South,” which tragically exploded and sank in 1838. The book shifts between past and present, telling the stories of the ship’s survivors and a modern-day historian named Everly who’s uncovering artifacts from the wreckage.

So far, the way Callahan describes the scenes makes it feel like I’m right there, experiencing the suspense and drama alongside the characters. The historical details are fascinating, and they paint a vivid picture of what life and challenges people faced back then. In the present day, Everly’s discoveries in the museum bring a cool twist to how we connect with history, making me eager to see what secrets she will uncover next.

The characters are really interesting, especially Everly, who is passionate and determined to share the stories of those who were on the Pulaski. It’s inspiring to see her dedication to history and her journey to understand more about her own family’s connection to the ship.

I’m halfway through the book and can’t wait to see how the mysteries and relationships will unfold. There are so many questions I hope will be answered in the second half. Will Everly find the answers she’s looking for? How will the past and present stories connect? I’m looking forward to more surprises and learning more about the real events that inspired this novel.

So far, “Surviving Savannah” is a captivating read that mixes tragedy, hope, and the search for identity and truth. It’s perfect for anyone who loves historical fiction with a touch of mystery. Can’t wait to finish it and see where the story takes us!

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