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Printing and Copying

Black and white prints cost $0.15 a page and color prints cost $0.40.  If you would like to print directly from your computer or phone, please inquire at the front desk. If you have files that you need printed, you may also email them to

Faxing Availability

Faxes cost $1.00 per page. You may also have a cover sheet at no additional charge. Incoming faxes cost fifty cents per page.


Price of lamination is dependent on size. For example, an 8.5 X 11 sheet cost $1.25. For more information inquire at the front desk.

Test Proctoring

There is a $20 fee for proctoring. Please consult with the library manager, Leslie Allen, and your school to set up the date. The library requires at least one week’s notice before the exam.