Justin February Newsletter

Hello reader!

My name is Justin Haynes and I am the new Branch Manager here at the Toccoa-Stephens County Library. I started in October of 2023, and the last few months have been a nonstop exercise in growth and learning. Toccoa is a special place, and its Library Branch reflects that. We are staffed with a team of servant-minded folks who are eager to serve and build community within our walls. I’ve had the privilege¬†of working at a few Libraries within¬†the Pines System, and I have to say – the Toccoa Branch is my favorite thus far.

Each month it will be my honor to provide you with general updates regarding our Branch, as well as recommendations, thoughts on the Library world at large, and any other information that I think might serve to enrich your experience as a Library Patron. 

Please share this newsletter with your friends and family, and come see us in the stacks!

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