Justin March Newsletter

When was the last time you took a moment to settle into a quiet space and get lost in a good story? At the Toccoa-Stephens County Library, you can find both. We have books, programs, and events happening for all age groups. 

My goal in leading the branch is to implement new and exciting ideas and programs while maintaining the heart and soul that regular patrons are accustomed to. As I continue to get to know the residents and businesses that make up Toccoa, I’m more able to tailor the library¬†in a manner that best serves our community. Conversations with staff here at Toccoa`-Stephens Co. Library, patrons who use our library, and other library programmers throughout the state have been instrumental in keeping our library in line with the particularities of the locals. As much as we love being able to offer all of the wonderful books that we have on our shelves, we aspire to be more – a community hub where all feel welcomed and served. Come see us today between the stacks!

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