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Jude Devereaux, who writes really great love stories, is back with a super exciting book called “True Love.” It’s the first book in a new series called the Nantucket Brides trilogy. This story takes place on a special island in Massachusetts, where we meet some characters who are related to the Montgomery-Taggert family from Devereaux’s older books.

The main character, Alix Madsen, is just about to finish school for architecture when a lady named Adelaide Kingsley dies. Adelaide leaves Alix her house on Nantucket for a year. Alix doesn’t really know why this lady chose her, especially since Alix just went through a breakup. But she decides to take the house because it gives her time to help plan her best friend’s wedding.

However, strange things start happening in the old house. It turns out that Adelaide had a job for Alix: to figure out what happened to a woman named Valentina who disappeared over 200 years ago. And if that wasn’t complicated enough, Alix has to deal with Jared Montgomery, a handsome architect who’s living in the guesthouse.

Jared’s supposed to watch over Alix while she’s on the island, and they have a lot of chemistry between them. But Jared has secrets that could mess things up between them.

As Alix and Jared get closer, they uncover secrets from the past, and even encounter some ghosts! They realize that they can only be together if they fix the mistakes made by their ancestors.

And all this is happening while they’re getting ready for a big wedding on Nantucket! Sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and Alix and Jared’s lives get tangled up with the past in ways they never imagined.

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