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Elin Hilderbrand’s ‘Five Star Weekend’ is a fantastic book that takes you on a journey to Nantucket, where the story unfolds with a group of characters each dealing with their own problems and adventures. The author does an amazing job making the setting of Nantucket feel real and magical, almost like it’s a character all on its own in the story. You get to see into the lives of the characters, feeling like you’re right there with them as they go through ups and downs, which is really cool because it’s like being part of their world.

Hilderbrand has a way of writing that makes everything super interesting, from the beaches and houses in Nantucket to what everyone is eating for dinner. She also shows what’s going on in the characters’ minds in such a clear way that you can’t help but understand and feel for them, even when they make mistakes, which is pretty neat because it’s like she’s telling us that nobody’s perfect and that’s okay. Plus, the book keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next, with lots of surprises that make it hard to stop reading.

What’s really special about ‘Five Star Weekend’ is how it makes you feel all sorts of things – happy, sad, excited, and everything in between. Elin Hilderbrand knows just how to write a story that’s fun and serious at the same time, making you think about friendship, family, and finding out who you are. It’s a book that sticks with you because the characters feel like friends and the lessons they learn are ones we can all relate to. If you like stories that make you laugh, think, and maybe even cry a little, you’ll love this book.

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